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iPhone 5C Sound Issue: Professional Repair for Perfect Audio Output

iPhone 5C Sound Issue

£ 49.00

Mail-in available

£4.99 collection

2-3 days

High quality parts

Free delivery

3 month warranty

iPhone 5C Screen Replacement
£ 49.00
iPhone 5C Battery Replacement
£ 39.00
iPhone 5C Motherboard Repair
£ 99.00
iPhone 5C Diagnostic
£ 20.00
iPhone 5C Water Damage Diagnostic
£ 20.00
iPhone 5C Charging Issues
£ 59.00
iPhone 5C Back Camera Issue
£ 29.00
iPhone 5C Front Camera Issue
£ 59.00
iPhone 5C Data Recovery
£ 99.00
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How To
  • Why doesn't my iPhone turn on?

    There could be several reasons why your iPhone is not turning on.


    Possible solutions:

    - Your iPhone battery is completely discharged and needs to be plugged into a power source. Or your iPhone battery needs to be replaced.

    - Your iPhone needs a restart.

    - If your device has water damage, it is important to promptly repair it to prevent serious damage.


    You may buy our "Diagnostics" repair service so our professionals can look into it and find the cause of the issue.

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