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Fast & Simple Phone Repairs with Brandlab

We offer different kinds of repair services within the UK and all over the world. You can place your order online and ship your device to us. If you are in Greater London you are welcome to use our Call Out repair service that will come straight to you. Our experienced technician travels to your location to fix your iPhone on the spot in our Mobile Repair Van. No additional fee is charged!


Brand Lab iPhone repairs are covered by our one year warranty on parts & labor associated with the repair service. We continue to provide quality service after your warranty has expired


Apple Pay, PayPal, any credit or debit cards.. We accept payment via cash or credit card on the spot after your iPhone repair is complete, so you don’t need to submit your payment details online


We value your time and that’s why most of the iPhone repairs like screen replacement take about 30 minutes or are completed on the day of your booking. We are dedicated to providing fast and high-quality repair at Brandlab.

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Learn More About Our Microsoft Repair service
Microsoft Battery Replacement


When it comes to Microsoft battery replacement we use only the highest quality parts at the best price. Our repair team will ensure professional help with the experience quality and pricing combined. Get your Microsoft battery replaced today!

Microsoft Data Recovery

Our knowledge in Microsoft repairs goes from basic screen repairs, replacing charging ports, batteries and cameras to fixing complex motherboard issues and data recovery. Your lost data will be retrieved within the shortest time limits as we understand how much you depend on your device. Contact us today to get your lost Microsoft data back.

Microsoft Water Damage Diagnostic

At Brandlab we offer a range of repair options for your Microsoft, including water damage issues. It’s necessary to bring your device to us as soon as possible after its contact with liquid to prevent corrosion. Moreover, we can fix the majority of Microsoft issues that might occur. Brandlab team ensures fast turnaround and shipping timelines.

Microsoft Screen Replacement

If your Microsoft screen is damaged, there are dead pixels or backlights simply just go out, fast and affordable screen replacement is required. It’s a good idea to show your device to a professional technician who will be able to identify whether just the Microsoft display is broken or the entire device. We ensure high-quality Microsoft screen replacement service with a fast turnaround

Microsoft Charging Issues

Are you experiencing Microsoft charging problems? We have years of experience in repairing various brands, Microsoft included. That’s why rest assured that your device will be in good hands and will be returned to you as good as new. Our knowledgeable technicians use top-notch parts and tools to satisfy all your repair needs

Microsoft Diagnostic

If you need a Microsoft expert to test your device and state the cause of the issue and the required repair service, Brandlab is the solution. Our professional and highly skilled technician will be able to diagnose your Microsoft issues and make it work as new. You are sure to get an accurate Microsoft diagnostics and reliable repair service at Brandlab.

Microsoft Motherboard Repair

Brandlab has a team of highly trained Microsoft repair technicians who can handle almost any software or hardware issue you’re facing. If you have any Microsoft logic board issues, find quick and professional solutions to them at Brandlab. We’ve been dealing with Microsoft motherboard repairs for years and can boast 98% success rate.

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If you’re in a remote or rural location, don’t worry, we can still help repair your mobile phone, with Brandlab’s Express Mail In Service.

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My IPad screen has inky spots, lines or is blank

No problem – we can still fix it! An IPad screen is composed of three separate layers that together form a single “screen assembly”. This includes the display panel (also called the LCD), a touch sensitive layer, and finally a sheet of glass. When your iPhone is dropped onto a hard surface, one or more of these layers can be damaged. Sometimes, broken pieces of glass will damage the LCD layer of the screen, which results in inky splodges on the display, or vertical lines running from top to bottom.

Rather than simply replacing the broken glass layer, Brandlab’s iPhone screen replacement process involves replacing the entire screen assembly with a brand new one, which means you don’t need to worry if your display panel has been damaged as it will be completely replaced with a new screen assembly during the repair. As it’s quicker and simpler to replace the entire screen assembly, it also means we can perform your iPhone repair for you very quickly – typically in under 20 minutes.

Does Brandlab use original Apple parts for its repairs?

This is a very common question, particularly as there is a lot of confusing (and often misleading) information put forward by phone repair companies. The bottom line is that only Apple offer genuine parts and these are not made available to third party repairers such as Brandlab. If you are offered a “genuine” Apple screen from another repairer, please note that you will be receiving a used, refurbished screen rather than a brand new factory-assembled screen.

As a third party repairer, Brandlab has the freedom to source its own high quality, factory assembled iPhone repair parts that are of equivalent specification to Apple. As a result, Brandlab are able to provide our customers with repair prices that are significantly lower than Apple. We are so confident in the quality of our repair parts and workmanship that we offer a Five Year Guarantee covering both parts and labour on all our screen repairs – significantly better than the 90 days Apple will offer you on devices they repair.

What iPhone repairs are available?

Brandlab can perform a range of different iPhone repairs. As you might imagine, our most popular repair is to replace a broken screen. However, Brandlab can also perform a range of iPhone repairs that include:

Battery replacements – you can check the health of your battery in iPhone settings. If your battery is below 80% you’ll probably start to notice your iPhone running out of juice before the day is out. We can replace your battery with a brand new one in less than 15 minutes.

Charging problems – a frequent issue on older devices. Eventually the charging port on your iPhone starts to wear out and you can no longer charge your device. We can replace the charging port on your iPhone with a brand new part.

Sound or microphone issues – having problems hearing your caller, or them hearing you? We can fix it.

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