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iPhone 7 Screen Replacement & Other Service

No matter what the issue with your iPhone 7 is Our experts are sure to accurately test and fix your phone. We easily deal with a cracked screen, faulty screen, charging, audio, camera, signal, home button, battery and other issues, as well as water damage. All the parts we use are of top quality, we test every phone before sending it back to you and the repairs come with a year’s warranty.

iPhone 7 Back Camera Issue

£ 49.00
  • 12 month warranty
  • Price promise
  • Pay in store
  • 40 minutes
  • High quality parts
  • Post-in available
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iPhone 7 Screen Replacement
£ 59.00
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£ 20.00
iPhone 7 Water Damage Diagnostic
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iPhone 7 Charging Issues
£ 79.00
iPhone 7 Sound Issue
£ 89.00
iPhone 7 Front Camera Issue
£ 79.00
iPhone 7 Data Recovery
£ 99.00
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  • Hello, I have iPhone 7 and the headset doesn't work, works on Bluetooth only, plus when restarted it goes on after minutes ! Can you help me?

    The problem might be with an audio chip, but not in all cases.

    You can buy our service "iPhone 7 Motherboard Repair"  and send iPhone to us or use our walk in service. We have no fix no fee service so you don't have to worry about it. Our success rate in the issue is 95%

  • Hi, I have iPhone 7 in which I have just changed the screen and I slipped with a screw driver and knocked 2 resistors or capacitors off, can u still be able to fix it?
    Yes we can fix it, you can choose our "Motherboard repair" listing and send your phone to us, also please send a new screen as well and we will fit it.
  • I have iphone 7. The phone died two weeks ago. The repair services here told me that the "charging chip" is dead and they don't want to repair it because it's too close to the CPU. Can you repair it?


    It's not correct, your repair services gave you faulty information. In iPhone 7 charging chip is far from CPU

    Of course it’s possible to fix but if it’s really a charging chip.


    Buy our "iPhone 7 Motherboard repair" service

  • My iPhone 7 was working fine and now says "no service". Took it to Apple and they say it a hardware issue and can’t be repaired. Is there anything you can do?

    Yes, we can fix this but need to do a diagnostics first. Buy our "iPhone 7 Diagnostics" service.


    Make sure that your phone is not blacklisted

  • Why doesn't my iPhone turn on?

    There can be few reasons why your iPhone may not be turning on.

    Possible solutions:

    - Your iPhone battery is completely discharged and needs to be plugged into a power source. Or your iPhone battery needs to be replaced.

    - Your  iPhone needs a restart.

    - If it's water damage, you probably need to repair the device quickly to avoid serious damage.

    You may buy our "Diagnostics" repair service so our professionals can look into it and find the cause of the issue.

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