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iPhone XS MAX Charging Issues: Effective Solutions for Consistent Charging

Swift Solutions for iPhone XS Max Charging Issues - Trust BrandLab for Top-Quality Repairs!

At BrandLab, we understand the frustration of dealing with charging issues on your iPhone XS Max. Thus we provide swift and reliable iPhone XS Max Charging Issue Repair Service, ensuring your Apple device is back in action in no time. We offer a hassle-free repair process with our convenient Mail-in or By Post Repair service. No need to visit a physical store – simply send in your iPhone XS Max, and our expert technicians at BrandLab will swiftly diagnose and repair the charging issue. Pay just £4.99 for collection, and enjoy a fast turnaround for your device. At BrandLab, quality is our priority. We use only original parts for iPhone XS Max Charging Issue repairs, ensuring the longevity and performance of your device. Additionally, we provide a warranty on our services, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the reliability of our repairs. Don't let iPhone XS Max Charging Issues slow you down. Choose BrandLab for top-quality repairs, unmatched convenience, and a service you can rely on. Experience the difference with our expert team and get your Apple device back to optimal performance.


iPhone XS MAX Charging Issues

£ 99.00

Mail-in available

£4.99 collection

2-3 days

High quality parts

Free delivery

12 month warranty

iPhone XS MAX Screen Replacement
£ 149.00
iPhone XS MAX Battery Replacement
£ 59.00
iPhone XS MAX Motherboard Repair
£ 189.00
iPhone XS MAX Diagnostic
£ 0.01
iPhone XS MAX Sound Issue
£ 129.00
iPhone XS MAX Front Camera Issue
£ 49.00
iPhone XS MAX Back Glass Repair
£ 89.00
iPhone XS MAX Data Recovery
£ 199.00
iPhone XS MAX Face ID Issue
£ 149.00
iPhone XS MAX Back Camera Issue
£ 69.00
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  • I have an iPhone XS Max I dropped it a few days ago the screen is perfectly fine there's a tiny crack at the top but that was already there before I dropped it, the screen keeps flashing green. Would I need a new screen?

    Please  send your iPhone XS Max to us for diagnostics: brand-lab.co.uk/iphone-xs-max-diagnostics

    Later on this sum will be deducted from the cost of the repair

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