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Solution for iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Generation 2017 Charging Issues: Quick and Efficient Charging Port Repair

iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Generation 2017 Charging Issues

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  • My battery doesn't hold charge like it used to.. Do I need to replace my iPad battery?

    Yes! BrandLab provides expert iPad battery replacement services all across the UK. If your iPad's battery isn't holding a charge as it once did, our trained technicians are here to assist.

  • I've been trying to find "repair iPads near me" but haven't found one. Does BrandLab offer a mail-in option?

    Certainly! BrandLab primarily operates through a mail-in service, covering the entire UK. There's no need to search for a nearby repair shop; simply send us your device, and we'll manage the rest. Plus, we provide free collection and delivery via Royal Mail, further simplifying the process for you.

  • My iPad Pro isn't charging. Can BrandLab help with this

    Yes, absolutely! If your iPad isn't charging, there could be multiple reasons. Our skilled technicians at BrandLab can swiftly diagnose and remedy the issue, ensuring your device returns to its optimal working condition promptly

  • What should I do if my iPad won't charge at all? Could it be a battery problem or something else?

    If an iPad doesn't charge, the issue might stem from a faulty battery, a damaged iPad charging port, or even software glitches. We advise to use BrandLab for a thorough diagnostic service. We'll identify the core issue and provide an effective solution tailored for your iPad or iPad Pro

  • How does BrandLab's mail-in service function, especially considering the free collection and delivery via Royal Mail?

    The procedure at BrandLab is streamlined and efficient. After making an order, we facilitate a free collection of your iPad via Royal Mail. Once repaired, we dispatch your iPad back to you using Royal Mail's reliable delivery service, all at no additional fee. We're dedicated to ensuring the repair journey remains as convenient and efficient as possible for our valued clients across the UK.

  • How do I identify my iPad

    To quickly and accurately identify your iPad model, follow our detailed guide on How to Identify Your iPad Model. It provides step-by-step instructions using the model number or your iPad's settings.

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